My lavender tea experience.

Some nights before I go to sleep I may have me a cup of lavender tea. I can think about ten billion things and more so I really need to quite my mind and lavender tea helps. I wanted to share how lavender tea makes me feel. This is not store brought tea bags with the ground lavender. This is fresh lavender and there’s a difference. I refuse to go to PHARMA.

First let’s talk about the aroma! It has a sweet flower with a little earth smell that immediately calms me. It was instant aromatherapy! Inhaling the lavender steam waiting on the perfect temperature for my first sip was a slice of heaven. It tastes just how it smells very flowery, with a bit of an earthy undertone. Not bad I can deal with it. The hot steam from my cup was relaxing and I was breathing deeply and slowly. Aroma therapy in full effect right? After about ten minutes I started to feel super relaxed almost like floating just a little. I’m thinking to myself wait a minute now…this feels nice and a little different but I can deal. Okaaay Lavender! Yes! Say hello to my new little friend. Some people call it a plant, flower or an herb. I call it sleep! Within twenty minutes I was sound asleep like a baby and I didn’t drink the entire cup. It could have been sooner I was busy sub-coming to the floating super relaxed feeling. Here’s the reason why I felt like I was floating which was pretty nice.

Lavender contains a calming fragrance; this plant has been used to quell anxiety and agitation for ages. Its scent may slow down the nervous system, which relaxes the body and mind to improve sleep quality. The floating feeling was my nervous system slowing down putting me in a relaxed state. Yes! The benefits of the aromatherapy worked! Hey that’s a win-win for me with aroma therapy and drinking the tea as well. Some studies suggest that consuming lavender as a tea can help digestive issues such as vomiting, nausea, intestinal gas, upset stomach, and abdominal swelling. In addition to helping with digestive problems, lavender is used to help relieve pain from headaches, sprains, toothaches, and sores. Drinking lavender tea not only helps you fall asleep at bedtime, it can also ensure that you stay asleep and get a more restful night of slumber.

I have been meaning to share with you guys a while ago. Blending my own teas is great! Knowing how these plants, flowers or herbs are processed and packaged ensure that I am getting a quality cup of tea. Whether you’re drinking teas for enjoyment, relaxation or medicinal purposes tea is life!

Thank you for letting me share! Xoxo