Princess Vegan Dog Treats

Princess Vegan Dog Treats is named after my very first fur baby. She was a Cocker Spaniel with the prettiest black curly hair and we absolutely adored her. We named her Princess because it suited her best. Over the years I have had many people in my life family and friends who have or have had fur babies and lost them due to illnesses. Noticing their diets whether it was table food, commercial dog food or commercial treats it just didn’t seem healthy. The fur babies were getting high blood pressure, allergies, stomach ailments, pancreatitis, bad breath , gas, dull fur and so much more. We decided to make a special blend of dog treats that are all natural, no soy, no corn, no fish, no artificial colors or flavors. They are so natural your pet can share them with you! Get your gourmet dog treats today! Click on the photos to purchase.

Fun Treats

Fun treats are baked with fresh fruit and veggies. It’s a treat you fur baby is sure to love.

Yamme Treats Sweet Potato Base Treat
Crabanho Treats Cranberry, banana and honey based treat.
Nut Butter Treats, Peanut Butter based treats.
Carrapple Treats, Carrot and apple based treats

Training Treats

Tasty vegan treats that fits into your pocket. Your fur baby is sure to obey your command waiting for Princess Vegan Dog Treats.

Train Me Treats, Peanut butter based treats.

Fresh Breath Treats

Dog kisses can be cute and fun but when your fur baby has bad breath the love is not so great. Princess Fresh Breath Treats will give your fur baby fresh breath which equal sweet dog kisses.

Fresh Breath Treats, Nut Butter and mint based treats.

Princess Vegan Dog treats are grain free,  baked to order and are created with fresh ingredients.