Persian Nights (SET)



Persian Nights
Imagine the deep rich woody spicy blend that awakens your senses and your lover’s too. This is a great treat for today’s woman who can appreciate a natural aphrodisiac and the art of seduction for herself and that special someone in her life. Indulge in Persian Nights and enhance your aromatic aura and sensuality. The power of seduction is clearly evident in the magnitude and longevity of the response it provokes. Seduction of the senses is the key to arousal and a joyful experience of love.
• Persian Night Milk Bath Sachet with sandalwood  and other rich, woodsy and spicy blends. This is sure to last and linger on your body and your lover’s nose. Very nourishing and moisturizing to the skin and the smell is absolutely wonderful.
• Persian Night Body Oil is infused with sandalwood,  and other skin nourishing oils and ingredients. (very light)
• Black Soap (removes dirt and grease also helps with skin aliments.)
• Matching Persian Night Body Butter is a Shea Butter base that is blended with other oils that mimic our skin natural sebum. (Smooth and very light great for those winter months to lock the moisture in.)
• Loofah area great for exfoliating or even dry brushing to help get those blood cells circulating your skin glowing. Try rubbing the loofah over your body before getting in the bathtub. The difference will amaze you.


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