What kind of deodorant do you use?

Why I switched to natural deodorant.

 Deodorants help block body odor but don’t stop you from sweating. … Here’s why natural deodorants can help with odor: A lot of them contain essential oils, some of which have antibacterial properties, like tea tree oil, for example.

All of the others antiperspirants use aluminum salts to block your apocrine sweat glands from stimulating underarm sweat. Aluminum free deodorants, as these are focused on blocking odor versus blocking sweat, contain antibacterial ingredients to kill those odor-causing bacteria that live off your sweat protein.

Apocrine : relating to or denoting multicellular glands which release some of their cytoplasm in their secretions, especially the sweat glands associated with hair follicles in the armpits and pubic regions.

I think that’s great reason to switch don’t you? Besides Natural deodorants cover smell, not sweat — and that’s a good thing. Don’t expect the same results as traditional deodorants when switching to a natural product. It could take a few days or weeks for your underarms to re-balance their ecosystem. … Instead, they’ll work to minimize odor when things heat up.