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 Why do people struggle with their heath?

This was a hard question for me to answer even for myself. For years I struggled with my health due to lack of wellness and nutrition knowledge and so much more I came to realize. After becoming a Certified Wellness & Nutrition Coach the answer was revealed. Fifty percent are not educated about wellness and nutrition, twenty percent have a food addiction from all of the artificial preservatives and additives in the foods and the last thirty percent have a poor relationship with food a.k.a stress or emotional eaters. Which category do you fall in? 

I found that I fell into all three categories! Ha Ha!  How funny is that! It took me time, patients and allowing myself to take care of me. When I finally made the change my family and friends were sure to let me know. They commented on my body changing due to shedding pounds, my skin started to glow even more, my waist started to shrink and my nails started to grow. Some even reminded me of my poor eating habits and how they were proud that I made that change. They even said that I was an inspiration! Over the years I felt the weight but, I had a “love” for food, I “loved’ to cook, I ate when I was happy, I ate when I was sad, I ate with my girlfriends on “girls night out”! I surrounded my life around food. I ate more 2 servings EVERY-TIME I sat down at the table one person reminded me and that after 3 months I was not able to fit into my clothes. They were there when I was struggling, they seen me from start and reminded me of my past  journey. For that I am forever grateful. They have watched me take time, patients and witnessed me allowing me to take care of myself. I am not done! Why? This is a lifestyle, this is everyday and all day! Now I eat more that 2 servings when I sit down at the table and feel confident about my nutrition intake. The foods that I put into my body now are full of sunlight, they are more healthier, and it’s REAL FOOD.

Since becoming a CHC (Certified Health Coach) I spend a lot of time talking about wellness to family, friends and sometimes with strangers. We discuss the importance of self-care, including sufficient sleep, exercise, eating more fruits/vegetables, and fulfilling connections with others, etc. If you think about it these are not earth-shattering suggestions, and in fact, they are completely obvious. However, when I talk with people and ask “If you’ve exercised three or more times in the past week,” only a small portion of people actually did it. When I ask about getting a sufficient amount of sleep, I notice a lot of people fell into this sleepless category. When I ask about wellness and their nutrition eating habits I got answers that truly shocked me. However being a CHC it was to be expected and I am here to guide, educate and empower people to be a better version of themselves.

Some people may struggle with their heath because they don’t engage in behaviors that promote well-being, they are simply unaware of their unhealthy habits and the resilience practices. Which a lot of us suffer from in different areas of our life. It all starts with motivation and willpower and if it isn’t sufficient enough then you won’t actually make the changes that are necessary. 

There’s one hurtful aspect of it all to me. We as people do not give our self permission to engage in self-care. This was my problem and I am sure many of you can relate. I was working around the clock and not having a way to diffuse stress and it left me feeling as though I didn’t  have the time or the energy to practice self-care. Please give yourself permission to take care of yourself first! This will ensure that you are maximally effective at work and in your personal life! Why because it’s so important. If you continue to empty you cup into other and not replenish, you will be left with nothing for yourself or nobody else. Replenish you soul like you replenish your body with cold water on a hot summer day!

Replenish yourself with Ru’Cha Wellness & Nutrition Coaching Services. 

Below are list of services we provide.


  • 30 min Fast Track Coaching Session
  • 1  hr session
  •  5 week one on one coaching sessions
  • 10 week coaching and counseling sessions
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Pantry Make-Over
  • Meal Planning Kit
  • Mindful Eating Session
  • What’s Eating You Session 
  •  Remove Waste From Your Waist Coaching Session 
  • Additional Counseling Session Available 
  • Mind Body and Stress Counseling Sessions
  • Make Health Your Hobby Coaching Sessions
  • Pregnancy Wellness & Nutrition Coaching Session

Our objective is to help women in any stage of pregnancy learn to make positive choices that will help them have a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

  1. Nutrition During Pregnancy
  2. Prepare Right Now (Nutrition During Pregnancy)
  3.  Eat Right Now (Eating well, eating for two and eating smart)
  4. Live Right Now (Make a smooth transition form pregnancy to motherhood)
  5. Nutrition During Breast Feeding (Benefits for mom and baby)

These five areas work together to make healthier moms and babies during pregnancy and throughout all stages of life.  

There’s no need to struggle with your health or your pregnancy with wellness and nutrition concerns!

Intake Consultations are available click the link below to get started.

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