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I have been using the eczema butter and liquid black soap for a month now. I have experienced great results! I have psoriasis and these two products have helped clear up my troubled spots (knees, elbows and scalp). My knees have cleared at least 80% my elbows at least 60% and my scalp has benefited greatly. It still needs some attention, but I'm going to stick with this regimen. The butter is silky smooth and I love the way my hair feels after washing it with the liquid black soap. Thank you so much for blending something that is actually showing results and making me feel better. The second butter has a baby powder like scent...I've been using it on my kids my daughter loves it.
Now that the season is changing I've been looking for a oil and body scrub to keep my skin soft and hydrated during the fall/winter season! I've fallen in love with the baby powder oil and no fragrance body buff scrub! My skin is soft and the smell of baby powder isn't overwhelming the oil doesn't leave you feeling greasy. I love the it's in a spray bottle, it decreases the chance of making a mess and you're left with just the right amount to use. I use the body scrub twice a week and have received compliments on how soft my hands are, my skins appearance has improved so much! I'll be summer ready and even during the winter!
Personal Fashion Stylist
I am impressed with these products the black soap lathers up very well. I got sudsy and cleansed my excellently. I applied it with a washcloth. Then I use the sugar scrub using my hand to apply it all over. After rinsing it off my skin was completely moisturized and totally lubricated. Really didn't need to apply extra but the shea butter was smooth and creamy.
I've used it and I must say I'm impressed and my skin is happy!
Special thanks to Chaneckie B for my handmade earrings and AMAZING ALL NATURAL SUGAR SCRUB also handmade by her. I'm addicted to it. It's reversing all the damage caused by using chemical products that isn't designed for my delicate melanated skin.
Hey guys just wanted to show some love. A long time ago I brought a cotton crochet bikini from you and when I received it the measurements weren't quite right (totally my fault) you sent me a totally new top and saved the day. I still love that bikini to pieces and am happy with your customer service.
Hi first let me say that Chaneckie B is AWESOME! I purchased crochet booties and a hat and neckwarmer from her a while back. This time I got some whipped Shea butter. OH I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have sensitive skin and had given up on trying different products that are expensive and doesn't work. I'm going to get a little personal but it's for a reason. I have MS and in bed ridden. Meaning I can't enjoy things that most ladies enjoy. So I enjoy smelling fresh and smooth skin. It's just the little things. I can't wait until tomorrow when my caretaker bathe me with my new soap and oil me down. LOL I got the baby powder and tangerine butter and of course fragrance free recommended by Chaneckie B , for my eczema areas. Ladies this stuff is a must have not overpowering , not greasy, but just right.
Yes Chaneckie B makes them and they are whipped. Not hard like the ones you get in your local stores. She also add various scents if you like her to. I love the chocolate I smell like a Hershey Kiss.
Deanna Halstead
I used it I & I get so many compliments on my skin. It's the best.
Desiree Terry
Yesterday look crochet beanie and scarf by my friend Chaneckie B. Love, Love my crochet set the comfort, color and style is EVERYTHING got SEVERAL compliments.She is TRULY the perfect STYLIST for a STYLIST. Support your friends, No discount BS, Quality work.
Major shout out to Chaneckie B for my beautiful crochet scarf. kept me warm and so comfy... I support her work and definitely will be purchasing more of her products! CHECK HER OUT!