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Also known as vaginal steaming, the treatment uses medicinal plants (yoni steam herbs) to cleanse, heal and tone the uterus, which in turn reduces discomfort associated with menstruation and comes with a whole host of other benefits.  A yoni steam (aka. vaginal steam or V steams), is an old womanly healing art and they are becoming popular again. They are certainly part of the Maya healing lineage and used mainly to cleanse the uterus when there are menstrual difficulties, after birth, and with menopause to completely clean the womb when finished bleeding. This women’s treatment gently and effectively cleanses, tones, and revitalizes a woman’s center, providing benefits from reduced menstrual cramps to increased fertility.

Yoni steaming is said to support one’s natural feminine cycle (supporting releasing of dark blood at the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle), and help you to heal (it is said to help with endometriosis, pelvic pain, uterine prolapse, constipation, and PCOS), relax, and detoxify both physically and emotionally. Vaginal steaming is about vaginal and female health. Most women who do it say is that it is deeply nourishing, relaxing, and releasing. 

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age.

What are some benefits of a yoni steam?

  • Cleanse of the entire reproductive system.
  • Increase of circulation in the reproductive organs/areas.
  • Enable the womb to shed unnecessary membranes and buildup.
  • Reduce period discomfort by supporting the uterus to function at its best.
  • Creates space for blissful relaxation
    Deeply connects a woman with her source of power.
  • Makes sex more juicy.
  • Speeds recovery after birth.

Here are a few more great benefits of a yoni steam.

1. Improves the menstrual cycle

Yoni steaming has the ability to significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation, as well as to regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles. It works like this: after the yoni steam herbs release their cleansing and healing oils into hot water, they are carried via steam to the porous skin of the outer labia, where they are absorbed. The ancient wisdom says that from there, the properties of the plants are carried through the bloodstream into the uterus, where they help to dislodge the stuck material that causes discomfort during menstruation.


  1. Heals the womb

Yoni steaming supports the uterus to shed old blood, it can help the miraculous organ to expel any non-essential tissue or cells, including polyps, cysts, or endometrial growing outside the uterus. The result after using yoni steam herbs is a healthier womb, inside and out.


  1. Helps with relaxation

If you do yoni steam, you will notice that during those 20-30 minutes you have the ability to focus on your own well-being and go inward. Thanks to all these yoni steam herbs you will experience a powerful release of stored emotions and stress as well. This is an excellent time to reflect, meditate or just write in a journal.


  1. Helps to increase fertility

There may be many reasons for fertility challenges, but one of those reasons is induration (hardened lining) and buildup of old material in the venous lakes (folds) on the uterine walls. By breaking up this excess material and releasing it through menstruation, the uterine walls are prepared for a fertilized egg to attach and thrive. In many cases, this is the missing piece of the preparation for a successful pregnancy.

Different types of yoni chairs to choose from.

This yoni chair looks super comfy.
This yoni chair seems pretty basic but will get the job done.
This yoni chair seems a little softer because of the padded seats.
This yoni seat is closed in which I like alot.

There are a wide selection on the market to choose from. Some women purchase a stainless steel bowl just for yoni steaming. Then they would place the bowl in the toilet let the seat down and steam that way.

There are so many ways to steam that yoni.


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