Vicky Slaughter Edmundson

I’m totally speechless about the results my son got while using eucalyptus foot soap that I ordered from Chaneckie. I was telling her about the eczema on his feet and she recommended her eczema butta cream. I’ve tried home remedies and what his doctor prescribed and no results. In just 3 weeks my son’s toenails were turning white again!!! Just from using the eucalyptus foot scrub. I mentioned to Chaneckie about the eczema on his feet and she recommended her eczema butta cream. Got the cream on Monday and yesterday my son was showing me his feet. I couldn’t believe it in just 3 days his feet we’re looking smooth as a babies bottom. They weren’t scaly or rough and no dry skin in between his toes. The dry skin and eczema in between his toes were gone!!!! I’m still in disbelief. I can’t believe how his feet are almost back to normal.
People let me tell u. I so amazed. I couldn’t believe it my son’s feet are looking like they looked when he was a baby. This butta is no joke this is just after using it for 3 days. I just kept looking at his feet because it’s crazy how good they look. My son is so happy and said now he can show off his feet.
I called Chaneckie and said you’re amazing and let her know about my son’s feet. I told her that her products are amazing and clearly she took the time to research the right ingredients because in my book she’s created a cure for eczema and dry skin. I’ve also place an order for the soap and butta cream for my husband…Can’t wait to see the outcome. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

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